Frequently I’m confronted by a creative puzzle. A bit of strategy that doesn’t make sense, some words that won’t hold together, or an idea that just won’t flow. That’s natural, creativity isn’t an ever-open tap, it comes and goes like the wind.
I have various ways of kick-starting the process; i go for a ride on my bike, I take a shower, I watch a bad movie that i’ve already seen, but my current favourite method is to ask my kids.

They have a way of cutting through the nonsense and asking the questions I’m afraid of asking.
Why is that lady eating a hot dog in her pants?
Why is that man saying boring stuff?
Why is that dog talking when dogs can’t talk?

These are all very fair questions that for some reason no-one at the client or agency ever thought to ask.

Recently, Isaac, my 6 year-old, designed an obstacle course in the lounge for him and Truffle, the dog, to traverse. He created a design, and mapped out the cushions based on it’s plan.
I’ve pictured it above.
It’s shit.
It’s essentially just a line of pillows and cushions and fails in its basic task of providing any obstacles.

But I loved the way he spelt obstacle course.
It’s so wrong yet feels so right.
It’s in the ballpark of phonetically correct, but whatever it is, I want it to be way obstacle course is spelled for all eternity.

When you get stuck trying to write something, ask your kids, or a friend’s kids or your neighbours kids to write it for you, and I bet they’ll provide you with the inspiration to get your brain onto gear and write what you really want to write. There’s no harm trying….