Apparently every agency in London does content. PR agencies, ad agencies, branding agencies, media agencies and now even photographic agencies! So how come all of these different styles of agencies are suddenly experts across this specific skill?

It’s because no one is really sure what content means and what it really is. It’s the broadest church in all modern comms. It can be a 6 million pound spot for Johnny Walker featuring international movie stars or a behind the scenes gif grabbed on a mobile phone by the office junior. It’s the wild west out there with no rules and boundaries, so in theory all of these agencies can be experts.

It’s the brief that truly defines who would be the best team to work on a project, so putting my client hat on, I’d like to have as many options as possible every time I began a project and work out who was placed to answer my question. This is the most exciting and conversely the scariest time to be working in this industry. And that’s what makes it truly thrilling.