Porsche LA.

The Panamera is Porsche's most luxurious sports car, both brutally fast and supremely comfortable.

The Brief.

Create 4 films celebrating the unique blend of attributes that seemingly conflict but join together to create the world’s most practical sports car.

The Work.

Filmed in a warehouse in Downtown LA and featuring the car’s designer in voice over, we showcased both the speed and practicality of the Panamera in away that made the car both iconic and attainable.

The Results.

The series of 4 films (we also worked with an architect, a basketball coach and a food technologist) combined with essays about the car and a live event in LA, formed a hub that led the launch of the Porsche Panamera in North America to a c-suite audience of Economist readers. Porsche were so pleased with the result that they immediately commissioned a further series for a new car launch in late 2018.