Porsche Editorial.

Focusing on the intersection of innovation and tradition, these films explore how experts in Architecture and Basketball have created something extraordinary and fresh, just like the Panamera.

The Brief.

Launch the new Porsche Panamera in North America with a series of films exploring how conflict and contrast often create something new and extraordinary.

The Work.

4 films were shot (one about the car, one with a food technologist) and these two with an architect and a basketball coach. Focusing on the intersection where heritage and order meet innovation and modernism, the team conducted interviews with the talent and created specially shot footage to illustrate their words.

The Results.

The Economist/ Porsche intersections hub has been the most successful site for c-suite US consumers in The Economist’s history. Featuring the films, essays and footage from the live experiential event, the site has encouraged more than 8,000 people to book a test drive, more than doubling the KPI.