Maserati Levante Launch.

The task for Maserati was deceptively simple, ally their iconic sports car heritage with the luxury and comfort demanded by premium SUV owners.

The Brief.

Create 4 films to celebrate the European launch of the Levante, focusing on the high quality, innovation and distinctive difference of this premium SUV.

The Work.

Filmed in the Maserati factory and featuring the head of product development, this film showcased the passion for craft inherent in every aspect of the car’s design and production, and revealed not only why the car exists but also what Maserati hope to achieve with it’s development.

The Results.

The series of 4 films (we also filmed at a salmon farm, with Bulgari and with a world record-breaking sailor) were put together in a hub with the Economist to launch car across Europe, supporting the ATL campaign and creating a greater sense of depth to the communications.

The car sold out it’s initial production run within 1 week of the films launching.