Jaguar F-Pace Launch.

Launching the F-Pace with Guinness World record-breaking loop the loop

The Brief.

Launch Jaguar’s brand new large SUV with an iconic, Guinness World Record Breaking stunt at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

The Work.

Create the world’s largest ‘loop the loop’ to showcase the agility, speed and manoeuvrability of this new car, working with engineers, stuntmen and other JLR agencies in order to pull off this stunt and film it using 16 cameras to release it to the public with 6 hours of it achieving this feat.

The Results.

A new Guinness world record and unprecedented PR value at the home of the German motor industry. The content film was watched over 2 million times in its first 48 hours of release and the car has become Jaguar’s best-selling model.