Jaguar E-Pace Launch.

Launching the new Jaguar E-Pace with an breathtaking Guiness record-breaking stunt.

The Brief.

Launch Jaguar’s new medium size SUV with an iconic stunt referencing classic movie barrel rolls.

The Work.

Six months planning and complex training to ensure that this stunt is both successful and safe culminated in a live event in London’s Earls Court, where we filmed an E-Pace completing a World Record Barrel roll stunt for the longest roll achieved in a production vehicle. 16 cameras had just one chance to film the stunt, and we filmed it both live and created an edit that had to be turned around in 4 hours for the waiting world.

The Results.

More phone calls to Jaguar dealers requesting a test drive immediately following the release of the film than any other car in Jaguar Land Rover history. 5 million views across social media within 7 days. Huge national PR and organic pick up.