Last week, JSR Content hosted a debate at Creativepool’s Connect conference entitled What the Fuck is Content? Clearly the answer is JSR, but in the absence of anyone actually saying that, a 5 person panel of distinguished speakers from the BBC, The Economist, Facebook, Ogilvy and JOE Media debated what content means, how it has transformed the comms industry and what the future holds for social and digital creative work.

I was clearly the funny and insightful one and everybody else agreed with most of my views, but on the odd occasion when other people spoke, we debated whether content was being led by brands or demanded by consumers and how to measure the effectiveness of content work. We also touched on the merits of coming from a television or journalistic background and how that can benefit content creation. The ultimate consensus was that content offers up a new and hugely exciting opportunity for advertisers, brands and consumers to interact and engage, and that I was pretty damn clever and surprisingly attractive for a man of my age.

At least I think that was the conclusion….

Simon Amster, Creative Partner, JSR